Ellis Developments Limited

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

 The company has won two SMART awards, and participated in a number of highly successful research projects.

We have expertise in the placing of electrical sensors for the continuous monitoring of structural health in composite materials for aerospace, automotive and other applications, often where impact sensing is important.

We continue to develop textile techniques for a wide range of applications, and can offer improved methods for manufacture of carbon brakes, for example, for applications in implanting cells and growth factors into the body and other regenerative medicine applications.

We were involved in the world's first replacement of a collar bone, a claviculoplasty.

We have expertise in the through-stitching of structural components using CADCAM techniques for the improvement of impact resistance of aerospace components, (particularly to bird-strike) and sports and racing cars. We have even developed a method for through-stitching of composite pre-preg.

We are one of the UK's leading companies in innovative technical textiles

  Julian Ellis or Michelle Rae will be delighted to hear from you.

Julian Ellis: Telephone  +44 (0) 7976  425899

Dr Michelle Rae +44 (0) 7759  248863

email: info@ellisdev.co.uk

Far Close, Rolleston Road, Fiskerton, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, NG25 0UJ

United Kingdom

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Ellis Developments provides innovative solutions for surgical problems using textiles.

Some of our Achievements

We also work in composite materials for high specification advanced project work and will work on contract for special R&D.

Expert Witness Services

Dr Michelle Rae and Julian Ellis OBE provide expert witness services in textile related matters, in both civil and criminal cases.

Early involvement in examining problems can ease the situation by independently reporting on the problem, stating the facts of the matter clearly, frequently causing the matter to be settled without formal intervention, and saving considerable sums of money.

Dr Rae’s website is expertwitnesstextile.com and can be easily reached here