Ellis Developments Limited

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Surgical Implant Design and Development

Ellis Developments have developed a wide range of soft tissue implants. Some are still at a commercially sensitive stage, but others are described at each of the links above. There are two examples of what we can achieve in the shoulder surgery section of this web site.You will also find a picture gallery of a range of implants.


We have a long experience (since 1981) in orthopaedic implants, and our advanced technology can assist in companies interested in further developments in knee and shoulder soft tissues in  particular. We are, of course, interested in solving other orthopaedic problems too.

We are currently working on a development for the repair of comminuted bone fractures: fractures often caused by high energy impacts such as car crashes, where the bone is broken into a number of small fragments. The new approach was devised by Emeritus Professor of Orthopaedic and Accident Surgery at the University of Nottingham, Angus Wallace

Phage Technology

We are also developing a novel method of delivering bacteriophages to surgical sites at danger of antibiotic resistant bacterial infections.

Spinal Surgery

Our embroidered implant systems for spinal disc replacement have now been licensed to one of the world’s leading spinal companies.


Our main work in Urology has been within a £2.4m research and development project to look at improving the options for patients suffering from urinary incontinence. This major project,  known as NuTaP, was part sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industry is the first major programme to look at the problem since the 1930's.  Our contribution to the programme was the development of a super-pubic port, to allow access to the bladder to ease drainage using an implantable tube running from the top of the bladder to a port in the region of the navel.

Aortic Root Surgery

We have devised a device to simplify the surgery to reinforce the area where the main aorta leaves the heart to supply the rest of the body. It is of particular importance to patients suffering from Marfan's Syndrome.

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